GMHS Pocket 1 Manimajra


Our school is a sought after school not only because of its sprawling campus and but also because it offers courses in all language i.e English, Hindi, Punjabi. It is a building with four walls but has a tomorrow inside. Our focus is ‘the child’ i.e we aim at imparting child centred education. We keep organising both academic and non-academic activities to teach all aspects of the education and develop the child physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. We aim at inculcating values of honesty, kindness etc as they are going to be the future citizens. Our motto is that every child should reach the level of excellence, he/she is capable of and the teachers act as their guide in this pursuit.
In partnership with family and community, we engage students, to become informed, compassionate global citizens. Our aim is to make them learn to do their best, work for others and be safe and kind.
We have an SMC (school management committee), Sexual Harassment Committee and Student Grievance Redressal Forum for better functioning of the school.

We believe in
“Think of no future however bright
Let the dead past bury its dead.
Act Act Act in the living present.
Heart within and God overhead.